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  1. christopheflorent
    24 mai 2023

    Christophe Florent SOBZE
    Phone number: + 1 (514) 458 5004

    Bachelor in Telecommunications Engineering


    August 2015: Professional Bachelor of Telecommunications and Audiovisual Engineering (Bachelor Degree) at the Institute of Science and Techniques of Communication Polytechnique (ISTC) Abidjan.

    Thesis: WiMax Local loop Base station and deployment engineering on tower Activities: radio planning, frequency set-up, Wimax network design, radio link study Grade : B+

    2011 – 2012: High School Graduation in Electronics at the Secondary Technical Institute Adama Sanogo in Côte d’Ivoire.


    From July 2021

    Company: Simidebis International

    Position: Field Engineer

    Responsibilities & Achievement

    Installation of line and antenna Nokia and Huawei,
    Installation of optical fiber cabling,
    Installation and maintenance of telecommunications equipment.

    From December 2020: Position: Fiber Optic Draftsman
    Company: 3Id2+
    Responsibilities & achievement:

    Realize and ensure the reliability of the EZA PA sheets (in EXCEL).
    Realize and ensure the reliability of the building sheets (in EXCEL).
    Realize synoptic and route plans (in EXCEL).

    From June 2017: Position: Assistant Engineer
    Company: O technologies – (Huawei Camera Project, Video Control, Traffic monitoring, data center)

    Responsibilities & Achievements:

    Participation in the implementation of the video surveillance project a partnership between the state of Cote d’Ivoire and Huawei.
    Wiring automated systems and installing the router.
    Deployment of the towers on sites with the installed camera.

    January – May 2017: Position: Assistant Engineer
    Company: SODEXAM > state owned company in charge of traffic engineering & control, communications, enterprises networks I&C, troubleshooting, local IP telephony solutions.
    Responsibilities & Achievements:
    Installation of a 9 U box (9U inch Rack)
    Wiring of patch panels;
    Mounting of strips and surge arresters;
    Autocom side wiring and distribution;
    Immersion to Autocom type AASTRA 5000 XL;
    Maintenance of the local telephone network;
    Installation and maintenance of VSAT stations
    Installation of a direct telephone line (Côte d’Ivoire Telecom)

    From April 04th to April 23rd, 2016, Obtaining the Certificate of training on the engineering of fixed co-operation between Orange & Ivory Coast telecom and the ESATIC (Ecole Supérieure Africaine des TIC): RTC & ADSL.

    Identification of the various elements of a network coppers, to connect and repair a customer
    realization of the tests and measurements on the various cuts-off
    realization of a splice on a cable multi even, to ensure the connection and the changing of the disturbances on lines and installations of subscribers, to detect and locate any type of defect on a line using measuring equipment, to know ADSL and its environment, to know to detect and repair a dysfunction, realization of work of civil engineer in the fields of the network aéro-underground, able to carry out a Plane route and diagram wiring.
    Equipment which was used: DSLAM 7300 ASAM from Alcatel-Lucent; BAS Juniper Network ERX-1440; Automatic exchange Omni PCX; Bay of Eltek power supply.

    April-May 2015 : Internship at African of Technologies (Africaine de Technologie in Côte d’Ivoire – AFTEC) – subcontractor of Hammer Côte d’Ivoire.
    Project: Optical fiber deployment project at Séguéla in Côte d’Ivoire. (Link length: 32 Km)
    General Knowledge to implementation procedure for direct buried and duct Optical fiber.
    Activities: Civil Engineering Supervision, Fiber optic Pull, pH deployment, team management, Realization trenches ( depth 1. 10 m ), Achievement of sealed chambers.

    General Knowledge on Optical fIber cable: (Aerial Cabling systems)
    Stationary Reel Installation Method
    Stationary Reel Method Using a Pre – installed Rope
    Stationary Reel Method Pulling Cable
    Moving Reel Installation Method
    Moving Reel Method
    Mid – Point Cable Pulling
    Cable Fixation Accessories
    -The equipment used after installation of fiber Optics: Stripper, cleaver, cold splice, splicer fusion, Amplifier by pumping, splitter.

    July-September 2014: Internship at the Telecommunications/ICT Regulation Authority (Autorité de Régulation des Télécommunications/TICs de Côte d’Ivoire – ARTCI).
    Activities: delivery of authorization licenses to telecommunications companies.


    Telecommunications: GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, LTE, Radio Network, IP. Computer Networking: Lan, Wan, TCP/IP, Routing, OSPF, EIGRP, Internet. Programming: C, MatLab, HTML/CSS.
    Data base: SQL, MySQL, ORACLE.
    Software: Packet Tracer, Microsoft Office, VMWare, Linux.

    General Knowledge to implementation Process Huawei BTS (GSM, CDMA) &Node – B
    Installation Site Requirements
    BTS 3900, BTS 3900 A and DBS 3900 – GSM / CDMA installation process
    Node B installation process
    Cabling Principle
    Antena Feeder Line Installation

    Knowledge on VSAT System
    The Outdoor Unit assembly
    The Indoor Unit assembly
    General knowledge of equipment operation of the Outdoor Unit
    LNB L band
    IFL Cable
    General knowledge of equipment operation of the Indoor Unit
    The Modulator
    The Demodulator



    French : Mother tongue language ;
    English: intermediate.

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